Rhetoric Reflection

Coming into rhetoric I had no idea what to expect. All I knew when I was signing up for it was that it was a required course and that there were only 2 spots left in the class that fit my schedule during my registration time. I was determined to get into the direct admit business rhetoric class because I felt that those students would be stronger and it would push me to start challenging myself even more and I think that it ended up being a good decision. Overall, I think that Rhetoric was a very educational and interesting class with a fairly demanding schedule.

There were a few big things about rhetoric that I really enjoyed. Something that I liked about Rhetoric right away was that it felt like a classroom setting in high school as opposed to a huge lecture hall. That familiarity made it feel more natural and comfortable when it came to group discussions and projects. I also thought it was a really powerful idea to relate our projects to real life public spaces and residents of Iowa City. It made the assignments feel more like real-world experiences rather than just writing or exploring a topic we may not find as interesting or relatable. Not only did it improve our rhetorical skills but at the same time it expanded our knowledge on a topic that we’re all very familiar with. I know, personally, that the next time I see Beadology, Bubbleology or any of the other spaces we heard about I’m going to think of them much more abstractly than I had before learning about them in depth.

The work load in Rhetoric was definitely a lot more than I thought. In the beginning it wasn’t too difficult when completing individual papers and presentations but once we started going into the group projects, the amount of components each assignment had started piling up and could feel overwhelming at times. Although there were times where it felt stressful, I think that in the end it helped give us a real life experience of working in the business world. Even though group collaboration can often be difficult, a lot of the jobs in our future will be based on working with our peers and Rhetoric helped get those skills rolling early on.

I think that I’ve done pretty well in the class and I’ve agreed with the grades I’ve received. English has never been my favorite class and every time I think of giving a speech I get nauseous but regardless I still always put as much effort into my work as I can. I do think that I could’ve done a little better in the class but for being one of my first classes in college I think that I managed to do a good job. When it comes to grading, a huge portion of your grade comes from the group projects, so my advice to future students is to pick your group wisely. Make sure to choose people you know you can work well with and that have the same grade goal as you. In general, I don’t think our class had much of a problem with that because we’re all business students already and hard work is what got us here but it’s definitely something that can help or hurt your final grade.


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