Rhetoric Reflection

I did not really know what to expect going into the class as only knew a little bit about rhetoric.  It me by surprise that there was a rhetoric class here because when signing up for it I tried to figure out what subject it would fall under as I had never heard of a rhetoric class before.  I was not sure what would be covered in the class or how a class could be taught about something such as rhetoric.  It was an interesting class to me as I have never really thought about what rhetoric is or how it is used.  The class was something different and I have never taken a class like it before.  This class taught me how rhetoric is used by just about everyone whether they know it or not.  It also taught me how to look at something like a commercial and see the different techniques a company uses to try to persuade people to buy its product.

I feel that this class is a good class to offer.  I think that it is important to learn how people may try to persuade you to do something or for you to persuade someone else to do something.  I think that taking the class with other direct admit business students is helpful because everyone in the class is doing something similar.  It is also helpful so that everyone learns the same thing which can be helpful.  I feel that I performed well in this class.  Many of the things such as the group paper and the group final project were new experiences for me as I had never done something like that with a group before.  I think that the workload of the class was balanced and there was never too much at one time.  The work given was able to be done in the time given and was always interesting and never the same thing repeated.  The most successful project of this class for me was probably the first speech.  This was the project I got the highest grade on and I think it was the project that I was the most prepared for.  I think all of the projects were successful though so it is hard to pick just one that was the most successful.  The group projects were helpful in learning how to work as a group and how to work together to achieve a common goal.  All of the projects were successful as well as the other work such as the blog posts and in class writings.

The class for me was successful.  I learned about what rhetoric is and how it is used.  I also learned how to use rhetoric and how to analyze rhetoric.  I think that the class was a helpful class to take especially with all other direct admit students.  It was something different and new to me so I enjoyed it.  It was a new experience for me and I believe that I now have a better understanding of rhetoric and how to use it.


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