Rhetoric Reflection

For the most part, I really enjoyed this class. I thought the major assignments were creative and interesting and the books we had to read were not terribly hard to read. It was sort of similar to my AP language class that I took senior year of high school. In that class we did some big projects and a lot of busy work. I like how we really did not have much busy work. Everything we had to do was followed by a discussion or an in class writing, so it actually felt like there was a point to it.
The first major assignment was my favorite. We analyzed the rhetoric of 2 websites for a similar product and I thought it was really interesting. I enjoyed analyzing and comparing the websites and picking out the similarities and differences. This essay gave me the chance to understand all the different techniques and how they are used in daily life to persuade people to do things. In this case, I got to see how companies used rhetoric to persuade people to buy their product and prove that theirs is better than the competitors. It was a good first project to get everyone acquainted with rhetorical techniques.
The second major assignment, the speech about the rhetoric of a vacant space was confusing to me at first. I did not know if my space was important enough and how it had rhetoric at all. However, once I understood exactly what I was supposed to do it made it a lot easier. Since my space was from my hometown it was had to find six important sources. It also seemed a little bit unnecessary because already knew a lot about it. I still managed to use all the sources and find new and important information. Some of the topics people chose were also very interesting to hear about, so the speeches were not boring to listen to.
The third major assignment was very interesting as well. I liked doing projects within the community because it let me see a different perspective of the place I live in. For this project my group and I did downtown Iowa City and analyzed the rhetoric of the downtown area. We got the chance to talk to business managers and learn more about Iowa City through the business perspective which was also fun to see the difference of that compared to my views as a customer.
The books Thank You for Arguing and Confronting Managerialism were very good and informative. I enjoyed Thank You for Arguing a lot more than Confronting Mangerialism. Thank you for arguing was more relevant in my life and I actually found myself using the techniques and ideas from that book. It was not a hard read and kept my attention very well. I did not like Confronting Managerialism as much. I thought it was too complex and irrelevant to my life right now. A lot of the ideas and terms I was not familiar with and they were not explained very well in the reading, so I didn’t really understand it at some times.
Overall, I think this class was worth it in the end to take because it helped me with skills I am going to need for the rest of my life. Also it was not too hard and very manageable. I really enjoyed this class.


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