Rhetoric Reflection

Throughout this semester, I really found this to be an enjoyable class.  I enjoyed the majority of the major assignments that we had to do, because they all required us to utilize our creativity and work as a team in order to complete them.  The books were a 50/50 for me on how much I liked them.  I really enjoyed Thank You For Arguing, and was able to find good points throughout the entire book; yet for Confronting Managerialism, the only portion of the book I found beneficial was the amount of challenging and conflicting standpoints I had with the authors, and how I did not fully support the majority of the claims they made regarding US business schools and education in them.  The course in general was nice due to the absence of work that was boring or absent-minded, but focused more on work that actually required us to do something useful or beneficial.

Personally I enjoyed the first major writing assignment that we conducted, comparing two websites of the similar products, considering I had a remarkable amount of fun researching and searching for four scholarly articles on condoms (it’s harder than you’d think).  I enjoyed the challenge that I signed up for with that topic, and was glad I was able to write a well-thought out paper about it.  I also have been writing similar controversial papers in a few of my other classes, and have used a lot of feedback I received from that paper when writing it.  This was definitely the most successful project that I had during the semester, but there were others I enjoyed as well.

The impromptu speeches that we gave were absolutely hilarious in my mind, and given some of the background I have had with impromptu speeches, I was definitely entertained with the challenge of giving them.  I had done several speeches in high school where I had given speeches on topics after having little or no previous research on, and then being able to formulate a well thought out speech from thin air.  The impromptu speeches were a lot of fun and reminded me of a lot of the work I did in high school with those projects.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this course this semester.  As a direct admit student, I think it was an awesome opportunity to be able to take this course with other Tippie Direct Admit business students, and be able to get to know them all better and will see them in other classes (and outside of class).  This course was definitely beneficial to me both in the workload and the social opportunities that it gave me, and the ability to further my rhetorical knowledge and apply it to my everyday life.


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