Rhetoric Reflection

Overall, rhetoric was in interesting class and experience. I am satisfied with the fact that the course focused not only on rhetoric skills, but there was a business focus as well. This will prove to be useful in the business classes that I will be taking in the future.  It was good being in a class with other Tippie direct admit students, seeing that we all had similar interests and were taking some of the same classes. Also, I enjoyed the class discussions because there were a lot of different personalities in the class, so it made discussing certain topics very thought provoking.


Coming into the class, I was not sure what to expect. I had heard from some that rhetoric classes were difficult, so I was interested to see how the business rhetoric class would compare.  At first, while reading Heinrichs, I enjoyed reading and thought the class might be just as easy, but of course when the first major writing assignment came along it got more difficult. I enjoy writing and do not find writing essays stressful, so when the first writing assignment came around I found it very beneficial to my analytical skills in employing the rhetorical devices that we learned. One thing, however, that I found to be challenging was reading Confronting Managerialism. This read was more business-oriented, so I was a bit unfamiliar with some of the vocabulary used. This made reading quite difficult, so finding more time to understand the readings was problematic. Although it was challenging, I am glad that it broadened my insight on business school education.


My most successful assignment was the first major writing assignment. This is because I do not have problems writing essays. Yet, I enjoyed the final project to be the most interesting and enjoyable. Our group spent a great deal of time working on our project and put forth a lot of effort into our interview, and I believe that they paid off. It also helped to build my confidence when practicing my interview skills and applying the rhetorical devices that we learned about in class.


Advice I would give to any future business rhetoric students would be to schedule your time wisely. Over half of the major assignments and work will be with a group, so be ready for constant communication between other students and group collaboration.


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