My Personal Rhetoric Review

Coming to Iowa I had heard of rhetoric before from my siblings who have passed through the school but I didn’t really have an Idea what it entitled. Being honest I have never really enjoyed English or writing based courses and dreaded taking rhetoric but it is a Gen. Ed. That must be filled. I was very comfortable from with choosing the class in four weekly installments which allowed the content to sink in better than if I had taken the course with two hour classes, two times a week. I also liked the fact that this particular course was derived for business students and the coursework resembled that. Everything about this course was arranged around preparing one for their future business life.

                The wide arrange of projects and assignments were a good preparation and taught us valuable skills. The novels we read were both very relevant to the business world around us and a way to teach us life lessons as well. Learning argument from Thank You for Arguing was where I first realized that this isn’t just another class I had to blindly push through but one that I need to stop, focus, and see all the lifelong benefits it can present. We also practiced our speech skills, something I had never done in high school nor was I excited to do but I understood its importance for presentations. We ended the semester with a couple group projects which taught us strengths in team work and to trust others which will come in handy in the real business world. Overall, workloads in the class were never overwhelming but did make us sit down and concentrate.

                I feel that my personal performance in this class should depict the grade I am expecting to receive. I know I haven’t shown extraordinary work in all fields that will make my grade but I have definitely put in effort to show my talents and do well in the class. The hardest project for me was the speech, I struggled on almost every element of its process. Although I am usually a very talkative person I feel I can get nervous and speed my voice up hindering the comprehension of my analysis I am presenting. I also struggled with finding the rhetorical strategies in my presentation and wasn’t able to clearly get those across either. In other situations like group projects I feel I can really thrive and aid the group in many ways. I really enjoyed the last two projects because of the group cohesiveness. These two group projects allowed me to utilize my ability to socialize in a way that would make our team succeed.

                If I were to give any advice to the course I would say there are a couple things which could be improved on. The student lead discussions which we did every week didn’t let us go in detail on the book and discuss out thoughts but focused more on redefining words and lengthy stories in order to reach the required time. Another thing I would change in this class would be incentivizing the novels we read. I don’t mean that we should get something for reading but the incorporation of a quiz or writing reading summaries that actually challenged if we were reading would have been nice. It was easy for a student to never read the novels, look at the summaries during class and be just as well off as someone who spent their time to sit down and understand the depth of rhetoric.

                Overall, this class is really important values should be taken by all students regardless its English origins. It has meaningful assignments, which can shape one for their future career and change how they view any conflict. Though it may have some room for improvement it is a vital class in which I learned a lot.  


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