Rhetoric Reflection

I enjoyed taking this class this semester. The thought process behind a Rhetoric course focused around business students really was an exciting challenge throughout the entire course. I tend to enjoy challenges, so this helped make the course really interesting for me. By taking it with other business students, not only was I able to understand rhetorical concepts but also meet and work with many of my peers. Before I had come to Iowa, I had never even heard of Rhetoric. All I knew was that I had to take it as a requirement to begin my major. But throughout the semester, I really began to see the importance of this class for the future.

I feel as though I performed well in the class, though I probably could have spoken up a lot more than I did. For the most part, I feel as though my writing was decent and I would like to believe that my speeches were not all that bad.  The workload was what I expected it to be from a four credit hour course but in a different way. It wasn’t necessarily the fact that we had a lot of assignments but rather that we had more in depth assignments. I enjoy going in depth into topics so these types of assignments worked well for me. The textbooks I was okay with. Heinrichs was certainly more entertaining and therefore more engaging to read than Locke and Spender was but both provided a unique purpose to the class. I think that my best project of this semester was the last one. Not only was it something completely different from what I had been used to, but I was able to work on general business skills (and in some cases improve) in communicating the story of the Haunted Bookshop. However, I did enjoy other projects throughout the class, namely the first one as a close second.

There were some aspects of the class that I didn’t particularly enjoy or feel as though they were effective.  The student led discussions were not nearly as effective as they probably could or should have been. Most people seemed to just read the summaries and skim the chapter before class. Most of us never talked and I know here I could have spoken up more. But in general, the class mainly found a way to reach the required time limit rather than trying to have their peers be engaged in the topics being discussed. Also, a major issue for my group, and perhaps other groups as well, during our projects was the uncertainty of exactly what the rubric for each topic was asking us to do. Maybe some clarification as to what was exactly required would create less confusion among the students.

In general, this course was well thought out and extremely interesting to be in. Being in class with other Tippie Direct Admit students was enjoyable as it seemed as though everyone was engaged in this course and what it provided for us, both socially and in class.


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