Rhetoric Reflection

Overall I really enjoyed rhetoric class. It was a completely different atmosphere than my other classes because it was more open and people seemed more comfortable with each other. I liked being surrounded by like minded people who are all pursuing business majors because we all have a lot in common and can relate easily. When I first found out about the class I had no idea what it was about and had no prior knowledge of the subject. Learning all of the ways people try to trick and convince others into doing things was interesting and I believe that it will help me in my future business classes and beyond.

Of the four major assignments we had to complete, the second writing assignment was my favorite. Although it was very difficult to find information on College Green it was worth the effort because we met many people in the process. One of those people was Nancy Westvig, who I found to be a very interesting and unique person within the Iowa City area. Being able to sit down and talk with her about her business was very intriguing and one of my favorite parts about the class. Furthermore, I enjoyed learning about the city I go to school, and live in because it has a rich history, full of information that it below the surface that the average passerby would not know. To me being able to know about the city’s history in more detail was the highlight of the class.

On a different note, the last major assignment, the podcast, was my least favorite. I did not enjoy doing the podcast because it was just a pain to get done. Although I enjoyed being able to talk with Mrs. Westvig about her business again, the amount of pain the actual assignment caused was not worth it. Getting everything together, making a script, and recording was fairly easy but using the Audacity program was not. Several times I had to close the program because it would not play back the recording and overall it was very buggy. Another problem with the software was in order to convert the file from .aud to .mp3 a file had to be downloaded from the internet which took some searching to locate. If this assignment is done in the future, a different recording/editing program sound be used because Audacity caused my group many setbacks and problems. Even with the problems it was still a fun assignment to complete and very unique at that.

In all, the class was very interesting and very informative. Despite having no quizzes or test I belive I learned more in this class than all of my other classes combined. One thing I learned I need practice on is time management because some of the assignments got pushed off to the last minute and were more difficult to complete than they should have been.


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