Rhetoric Reflection

I did not really know what to expect going into the class as only knew a little bit about rhetoric.  It me by surprise that there was a rhetoric class here because when signing up for it I tried to figure out what subject it would fall under as I had never heard of a rhetoric class before.  I was not sure what would be covered in the class or how a class could be taught about something such as rhetoric.  It was an interesting class to me as I have never really thought about what rhetoric is or how it is used.  The class was something different and I have never taken a class like it before.  This class taught me how rhetoric is used by just about everyone whether they know it or not.  It also taught me how to look at something like a commercial and see the different techniques a company uses to try to persuade people to buy its product.

I feel that this class is a good class to offer.  I think that it is important to learn how people may try to persuade you to do something or for you to persuade someone else to do something.  I think that taking the class with other direct admit business students is helpful because everyone in the class is doing something similar.  It is also helpful so that everyone learns the same thing which can be helpful.  I feel that I performed well in this class.  Many of the things such as the group paper and the group final project were new experiences for me as I had never done something like that with a group before.  I think that the workload of the class was balanced and there was never too much at one time.  The work given was able to be done in the time given and was always interesting and never the same thing repeated.  The most successful project of this class for me was probably the first speech.  This was the project I got the highest grade on and I think it was the project that I was the most prepared for.  I think all of the projects were successful though so it is hard to pick just one that was the most successful.  The group projects were helpful in learning how to work as a group and how to work together to achieve a common goal.  All of the projects were successful as well as the other work such as the blog posts and in class writings.

The class for me was successful.  I learned about what rhetoric is and how it is used.  I also learned how to use rhetoric and how to analyze rhetoric.  I think that the class was a helpful class to take especially with all other direct admit students.  It was something different and new to me so I enjoyed it.  It was a new experience for me and I believe that I now have a better understanding of rhetoric and how to use it.


Speech Reflection

After picking a public space controversy to give a 4-5 minute speech on for my speech assignment, I began to research the topic I chose to find sources that were credible that could be used for the project.  I gathered information from online sources and newspapers.  I began to write an outline for the speech after collecting enough information on the topic and the viewpoints involved.  I felt that I was sufficiently prepared for the speech as I had gone over it several times and felt that I had enough information on both the controversy and the rhetoric involved with each viewpoint of the controversy.

I wrote an outline after I had researched the topic and decided what the main points would be instead of writing out the entire speech.  I also included some quotes that I had found that related to the controversy and added those where needed.  I used the main points as the major bullet points and then expanded from those.  This allowed for a better flow when giving the speech.  I had only given a few speeches in high school.  This is how I had prepared most of my speeches in high school and I felt that it was an efficient way to prepare a speech.  This speech was about the same amount or slightly more work than in my high school experience of preparing and giving a speech.

I think that the grade I received on this major speaking assignment reflected the amount of effort that I put into this project.  I could have included more information on some of the viewpoints from credible sources as some viewpoints had more information than others.  I could have had more of a focus on the rhetoric involved and not so much on the different viewpoints.  It also would have beneficial to go over the speech a few more times to so it would have a better flow and have a stronger analysis of the topic.  Overall, I feel that I completed the assignment and received a grade that reflected the effort and work that I put into the speech.

Steve Jobs and iTunes

Steve Jobs was known to be very persuasive.  He has persuaded people to buy Apple products and consistently wows the world with new products.  When Steve Jobs began to plan the iTunes music store, he faced the difficult task of persuading record labels and recording artists to put their music on iTunes.  He was motivated by his passion for music which led him to want to create iTunes.  He sought to create something where it was easy to legally purchase and download music.

Previously, labels released music on their own and piracy was very common.  Many labels sued fans who were illegally downloading music and placed many restrictions on downloading as a result.  Downloading music legally became very difficult.  Jobs was determined to create iTunes which would make downloading music easier and get the labels on board.  He knew that he had to create something that was easy to use but at the same time seem appealing to the record labels.

Steve Jobs used ethos and pathos when persuading the labels.  Jobs used ethos as he was a trustworthy person and was also reliable.  Jobs himself and Apple are credible and both have a good reputation.  He also had a sense of fairness as he wanted the labels, artists, and fans to all be satisfied and did not play to one side or the other completely.  Jobs remained very stubborn about the price of the music to be sold as he wanted it to be affordable to consumers but have the artists and labels make a profit at the same time.  Steve Jobs also used pathos when persuading the labels and artists.  He personally demonstrated iTunes to Bono of U2 and Jimmy Iovine, who is the chairman of Interscope Records, and both were wowed by it and supported it after seeing it demonstrated.  By having the two of them enjoy it and like it, he got them on his side.  He demonstrated it to get people to like it and want it.  Jobs belief in fairness led him to keep the prices affordable which made iTunes more appealing.

Jobs use of ethos and pathos were a big part what got iTunes created.  Jobs had a clear idea for what he wanted and his plan was reasonable.  He handled things personally like meeting with the heads of the labels.  Jobs was driven and intelligent and this helped him to be more persuasive as he wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t see his plans changed without his say.  He was fair in the process and managed to convince the labels to trust him that this was the right idea.  He was a credible source and many people trusted him.  He made the labels see that they were getting a good deal and that iTunes would work.  These things led to the labels and artists agreeing to put music on iTunes and people using it because it was easy and efficient.  Now, over 10 years later, iTunes has millions of songs and it is the best place to find new music.

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Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy

Cell phones are something that have become something that nobody goes anywhere without.  Most Americans own a cell phone and many of these people’s cell phones are smart phones.  The Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone are two of the most prevalent smart phones owned by Americans and are a common sight every day.  A simple Google search of “iPhone vs. Galaxy” brings up almost 300 million results.  Both are similar in ways but are different and there is an intense rivalry between the two companies.  When selling these products Apple and Samsung need to persuade people that they sell the better smart phone and that their phone is what you should have in your pocket or purse.  The company must persuade the potential buyer that their product is better.  Apple persuades people to buy their product by offering a highly regarded support system and millions of apps and music that can be used on the iPhone.  Samsung persuades people to buy their product with also a good support system, and adapting to have apps like Apple and offering a phone that is a little larger initially having improved features that the iPhone did not originally have.

Apple came a long way before they created the iPhone.  Apple was founded on April 1, 1976 by Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs.  Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California.  Apple was a company that was already well known and headed by a man, Steve Jobs, who was known to be very smart and creative.  Apple was known for their iPod and iTunes both of which are widely used.  Apple revealed the first iPhone in January of 2007.  People lined up worldwide at stores to purchase the iPhone which was an iPod and internet enabled smart phone with a touch screen.  The iPhone was something new and it immediately captured people’s attention and drew in people by intriguing them.  It was something different and new compared to what was before it.  The iPhone had a target audience initially of college students and young businessmen and women.  The target audience has since expanded greatly as smart phones have become much more common now than ever before.  Apple’s reputation greatly grew after the iPhone was released and Apple and the iPhone are synonymous now.

Samsung was founded in 1969 by Lee Byung-chul.  Samsung is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.  Samsung had created other phones in the past but the Galaxy was something brand new.  Samsung revealed the Galaxy smart phone in March of 2010.  The phone resembled the iPhone in some ways but was different.  The Galaxy was Samsung’s main smart phone and soon became a rival to the iPhone.  Samsung released the Galaxy three years after Apple’s iPhone and faced the challenge of persuading people that the Galaxy was the better phone where as the iPhone was first and had already built up a reputation in the three years previous.  The intended audience was similar to the iPhone’s intended audience which put the two phones and companies in direct competition.  By having the same intended audience, young adults and working professionals, Samsung had to be able to persuade people who were not already with Samsung and trusted their products to buy a Galaxy instead of an iPhone.  While Apple offered AppleCare, the App Store, and iTunes, Samsung needed to create a support system, apps for the Galaxy, and figure out their own music situation.

Apple had a rather large audience to start with when revealing the iPhone.  Apple’s products were well-known already and the company already had a good reputation.  While the iPhone was something new, Apple was not.  Apple has AppleCare which is a hardware and warranty service that protects the user’s iPhone.  The service provides coverage for repair costs and phone and internet support which is something that Samsung does not have.  Apple is known for their support which can easily be accessed through their website and they may even send you a new phone if they cannot fix the problem with the original.  There is a standard AppleCare coverage on all devices included when it is purchased normally for about a year but it can be increased.  Apple is known for its support system and this is definitely an advantage for Apple as people like to know that the company is there for them if they have a problem.  By offering this support system Apple not only sells you their product, but they can ensure that their product continues to work and that the customer has a good experience with the product even if there are problems.  The customer may feel that the company wants to help them and not only sell a product.  The iPhone has been made to look sleeker and modern which is appealing to people as people want something that looks new, sleek, and modern.  Apple also has millions of apps available in the App Store and has coined the phrase “There’s an app for that” as there are a very wide number of apps for everything that you could need and certain apps are iPhone specific and not available on the Galaxy.  ITunes has all the latest music and millions and millions of people buy their music from iTunes and it is instantly downloaded to the iPhone.  Apple wants people to know that it offers many other things besides just the phone itself which make it more appealing to people.  By including all this support with their product, Apple uses ethos. They become trustworthy and reliable as they want the customer to have a pleasant experience and want the customer to continue to buy from them and they also have a good reputation.

Apple’s website is modern looking and highlights the newest product on the front.  It also has eight tabs to click on and a search bar.  There is a tab specifically for the iPhone and also one for support.  The iPhone tab focuses on the iPhone and shows what is new for the iPhone and what it offers.  If you scroll down on this tab there is something that says “Which iPhone is for you?” and allows you to compare iPhones to find the best one for you.  There are also links to a user guide, AppleCare, and the support page on this page.  It also includes options that say iPhone for students and iPhone in Business further showing the target audience and how it benefits these groups.  When clicking on these in takes you to a page where it says that the iPhone is “Brilliant in Business” and on the student one it says “Why the iPhone and iPod Touch for College.”  These are meant to persuade people that the iPhone is the smart phone for school and business and that you should have it.  It mentions all the advantages to having an iPhone and the capabilities of the iPhone.  Apple is a trusted company as they consistently deliver and it has many loyal customers who will wait in line for days for the newest Apple product.  People trust Apple and Apple does what they say they will do.

Samsung’s website is also very modern looking and also mentions the newest products on the front page of the website.  At the top of the website there are four tabs labeled Shop Products, Get Support, Apps & Entertainment, and For Business.  Samsung’s website also has at the bottom of the page a box that says “How Can We Help You” and it has a list of things such as contact us, find product support, and owner benefits sections.  Samsung has a support page but it does not have anything like AppleCare.  The support page allows you to contact support by phone, email, a live chat, or through Facebook and Twitter.  One can schedule a repair or watch support videos found on the website.  Samsung is making improvements to their support system to make it more efficient and so products will be more appealing as the customer will be able to gain help quicker.

Samsung has a Galaxy and smart phone tab which focuses on the Galaxy.  When opening the tab there is at the top of the page a picture of the Galaxy and the words “The Next Big Thing is Here” next to the picture of the phone.  The tab features articles about the Galaxy which include tips for using it.  There is also an in depth section which includes the options Galaxy at work and an option to explore the Music Hub.  It also includes a section for Apps that can be downloaded to the Galaxy.  You can also manage your content and find a Samsung Experience Shop near you which can provide help.  Samsung is also trying to use ethos by coming across as trustworthy and reliable.  Samsung does not have the reputation Apple does and this may hurt Samsung a bit as people may see them not as credible.

Persuasion is used by both Apple and Samsung just like almost all other companies.  Both companies use logos as they rely on facts and statistics about their product when advertising.  Both Apple and Samsung are trusted sources and well known, worldwide companies.  The websites use the same color scheme mainly and are similarly set up.  The intended audiences are similar and both the product and websites must be appealing to this group.

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So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It

Many people know GEICO Insurance as that insurance company with the talking gecko or with the series of cavemen commercials.  GEICO Insurance has always seemed to create ads that draw attention to itself and to create something that people will find funny.

The commercial starts with a well dressed man speaking about about GEICO Insurance in a GEICO office before delivering the line “It’s so easy to use GEICO.com, that a caveman could do it.”  The camera then pans show that the office is a set and that a boom mic operator who is actually a caveman living in the modern day with a job is unhappy with that line.  The caveman proceeds to throw down the mic and say “Not cool” before storming off as he is offended by what the man speaking has said as he is a caveman and thinks himself smarter.

“So easy, a caveman could do it” is a phrase that is used to describe something that is incredibly easy to do.  GEICO used this saying as the basis of its ad campaign in 2004.  It started with a single short ad but then expanded into more ads and even a short lived television show in late 2007.  They created a series of commercials over the following years centering around cavemen who lived in present day and who were more intelligent than previous cavemen.  The cavemen add a comedic twist to an otherwise rather uncomedic subject of insurance.  People may not remember exactly what GEICO does or is, but they do remember that they are that insurance company that has those cavemen in their ads.

The advertisement starts off rather serious but turns out to be comedic and not just a man rambling on about insurance.  It is meant to show that GEICO is so easy to use that anyone can do it.  They say even a caveman could do it to show that even our early ancestors would be able to use GEICO if they were still around today and if they could you definitely can now in the modern day.  The commercial targets people who want to have an insurance company that they can easily use and not have to go through an extremely complicated process with.  Since every person needs auto insurance GEICO wants to say they are the easiest insurance company to use.  GEICO created something that they will always be known for and that people will associate to them.